The National Institute for Research on Socioeconomic Impacts of Diseases and Systemic Risks (abbreviated as SYRI) is a virtual scientific hub that brings together experts from Masaryk University, Charles University and institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The SYRI National Institute will bring together scientists who would not otherwise collaborate and provide solutions and recommendations in real time.

Social scientists will focus on research of situations of risk and mitigation options for reduction of problems brought by sudden unexpected events like the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, inflation, price increases, and climate change.

The recent past has clearly shown us how our time is prone to situations of risk, and that socioeconomic inequalities are deepening. One of SYRI's goals is to provide data and in-depth analysis of a kind that has been lacking in the Czech Republic, so that politicians can make the right decisions.

The activities of the SYRI team members are divided into nine scientific areas.

  1. Communication, risk and uncertainty
  2. Law and governance
  3. Social resilience
  4. Socioeconomic inequalities in health
  5. Polarisation and populism
  6. Healthcare system efficiency
  7. Education
  8. Economic impacts
  9. Labour market

SYRI's mission is:

  • to build a Czech centre of excellence in a research area that has not yet been systematically addressed
  • to bring together top scientists from different research areas in a single functional unit
  • to highlight the contribution of social scientists to the addressing of current problems of society
  • to argue for a systemic risks policy, taking the example of responses to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • to formulate real-time scientific outputs and policy recommendations
  • to show that scientific excellence plays an important role in society



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