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SYRI Annual Conference to focus on systemic risks


More than twenty papers in both Czech and English will be presented at the SYRI 2023 Annual Conference. It will be hosted by the Karolinum in Prague on 8 November. The conference will focus on the health and systemic risks that sudden stress situations bring to society.

"The contributions are directed both towards the academic community and towards stakeholders who can act and take action based on our scientific results. We try to do research for practice so that SYRI science is useful," said Klara Shedova, Scientific Director of the National SYRI Institute. This is the second conference co-organised by the Institute this year, the first one was held in June in the Senate and focused on the impact of the war in Ukraine on Czech society.

"The aim of the annual conference is to show the full breadth of SYRI's scope, encompassing all nine research groups. The conference will run in parallel in three sessions. One of them will be in English, as we are also targeting a foreign audience. Another will be called Research for Practice and will be explicitly aimed at the stakeholder audience," added Šeďová.

Topics for each session include health and social resilience, disadvantage and inequalities in health and education, governance, management and decision-making in times of pandemics, and migration as a health and systemic risk.

The National Institute for Research on the Socioeconomic Impacts of Diseases and Systemic Risks - SYRI for short - brings together researchers from Masaryk University, Charles University and institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The Institute collects data on the social processes that accompany crisis and pandemic risk situations. Based on this data, it formulates recommendations on how to solve the problems.

Link to the conference: